Jan 2017, Grand Canyon

Jan 2017, Grand Canyon

Thank you for dropping by my website. My name is Joseph Bailey and I am a NERC-funded PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham (started on October 1st 2013), supervised by Drs Richard Field and Doreen Boyd. My research is on incorporating geodiversity information (e.g. geology, soil, landforms, hydrological features) into biodiversity and species distribution modelling, mainly, but not solely, for plants and therefore covers several areas, including: (macro)ecology, biodiversity science and conservation, ecology, geomorphology, pedology and geology. I use advanced statistical modelling techniques in R (e.g. Boosted Regression Trees) alongside spatial data processing in GIS software (GRASS, ArcGIS) and some remote sensing.  Please see my research home page.

I also work with Operation Wallacea as part of their science team (spatial ecologist, field supervisor, and lecturer) and have, so far, attended expeditions in 2015 and 2016 (2017 planned).  The role involves making various scientific contributions, supervising multiple undergraduate dissertation students before, during, and after the field season, giving lectures ( GIS, species distribution modelling, statistics, and writing up research), and giving practical GIS training, amongst much else. I also ran the camera trapping network and ran/assisted with projects on a number of topics, including forest/habitat fragmentation, across multiple taxonomic groups. More details here.

I am a part-time Teaching Associate in the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham, teaching on modules relating to biogeography, GIS, and statistics, as well as residential field courses.

Training courses that I’ve attended include, but are not limited to: NERC/Natural History Museum Taxonomic principles and tools in botanical research, NERC ARSF, NERC/BGS Advanced Skills Short Course, Structural Equation Modelling, and Spatial analysis in R. Key conferences and meetings attended are listed here.

I am an Editorial Assistant for the journal Frontiers of Biogeography and I used to contribute to the Royal Geographical Society’s (RGS) blog, ‘Geography Directions’, as a News Editor on a semi-regular basis (posts listed here).

Please get in touch with anything from research collaborations to talks and teaching.