Conferences & Meetings

Selected conferences and meetings, with the most recent towards the top

  • International Biogeography Society 8th Biennial Conference, Tucson, USA, Jan 2017.
    • Presented a 12 min talk
  • Visit to Oulu University, December 2016
  • Meeting with colleagues at Amsterdam University, April 2016
  • European Geophysics Union (EGU), Vienna, April 2016
    • Presented a talk on my PhD work as part of a 1-day session entitled “Geoheritage and Geodiversity Matter: Themes, Links and Interactions”
  • British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, Dec 2015
    • Presented a poster
  • National Biodiversity Network Conference, York, UK, November 2015
    • Presented a talk
  • International Biogeography Society 7th Biennial Conference, Bayreuth, Germany, Jan 2015.
    • Presented a poster of preliminary PhD results.
  • British Ecological Society (Macroecology SIG), Nottingham, July 2014
    • Presented a lightning talk
  • British Ecological Society Macroecology meeting “Challenges in Macroecology – Scaling the Time Barrier”, NHM, London, April 2014.
  • Student Conference on Conservation Science, Cambridge, March 2014.
  • British Ecological Society (Macroecology SIG), Sheffield, July 2013
    • Co-author on associated paper and presented a lightning talk on Masters research.

SIG = special interest group