I am a part-time Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham. I teach on modules across undergraduate and postgraduate levels, mainly on biogeography, GIS, statistics, and on techniques-based residential field courses. I am also a personal tutor.


My involvement with Operation Wallacea

I supervised and tutored multiple dissertation students’ projects for the 2015 fieldwork season in Madagascar for Operation Wallacea, and gave lectures. I’ll be repeating this role in 2016. Visit my Opwall page.


List of PhD demonstrating positions at University of Nottingham (Oct 2013 – Dec 2016)

This list does not account for tutoring students during one-off help sessions with over the years.

Structure: ‘Undergraduate year taught, module title/area (academic session/s that I was involved with)’. Key: P = one-to-one or small group teaching & demonstrating in practical sessions — C = working with students to develop their coursework projects — M = I marked coursework projects — F = demonstrating equipment and explaining practical techniques in the field

  • Tutor
    • Guiding undergraduate students through their undergraduate degree
      • Giving seminars on research topics and study skills [PCM]
    • Setting and marking essays and presentations
  • 1st year, ‘Geographical Field Course’ to the Lake District, UK.
    • Spring 2015 & Spring 2016 [PFCM*]
    • * Alongside other responsibilities, another PhD student and I developed, taught, and marked a GIS project on this fieldtrip, which ran twice back-to-back.
  • 1st year, ‘Introduction to GIS
    • Autumn 2013, 2014, and 2015 [PCM]
  • 1st year, statistics module ‘Interpreting Geographical Data’
    • Spring 2014 [PCM], Full year 2014–2015, 2015–2016 [PCM]
  • 2nd year, ‘Techniques in Physical Geography’ week-long fieldtrip to Malham, Yorkshire, UK.
    • Sept 12th – 19th 2014 & Sept 11th – 18th 2015 [PF]
  • 2nd year, GIS module ‘Digital Explorers’
    • Full year 2013-2014 [PC]
  • 3rd year, biogeography module ‘Scale and Diversity in the Canary Islands’
    • Autumn 2013 & 2014 [C]